S. Taylor 
Hello, I'm S. Taylor and I'm excited to share more about myself and my journey, from this bright eyed twelve-year-old girl full of innocent and sweet ideas of life and a love for storytelling, to a published author. To start, I did not talk until I was in the second grade due to a stutter that made communicating nearly impossible for me. My speech impediment caused me to be in constant fear of someone asking me a question and my inability to answer without looks of frustration or amusement. No one enjoys being made to feel small or inadequate, so I was good at being invisible and I learned to observe while longing to be accepted. I would often imagine myself normal with lots of friends on exciting adventures. My imagination became my safe haven, and I never stopped imagining these endless possibilities.

Thanks to the help of speech therapy I learned how to control my impediment; that was when I began to share the vivid and crazy ideas I had imagined numerous times during my silence. My first fans were my younger sister and seven of my younger cousins. Family gatherings, sleepovers, summer vacations on our grandparent’s property in Louisiana, was time closed off from the outside world and the newest adventure I could take us on became our reality. This was the norm until real life boys replaced the amazing ones we loved in my stories, then real life began.

I married my high school sweetheart at the young age of nineteen. He proposed to me after I gave birth to our daughter a year earlier. We had been dating two years before finding out I was pregnant. I recall after our first week of talking on the phone he asked to speak to my mother. I was apprehensive at first and tried without much success in persuading him to share his reasons; so, I did the only thing I could do, I conceded. After what felt to me like hours of standing at my parents’ bedside, watching my mother hold the phone to her ear; she finally gave it back to me. I anxiously walked back to my room and begged him to tell me what he said that had my mother rolling her eyes. He told her he was going to marry me, and I would have his kids. Yes, that happened. We married on April first the year, nineteen ninety-five.

Five daughters and twenty-three years of marriage later, I realize the stories that was once so strong and vivid in my imagination had never weakened or dulled; they were only replaced with a busy schedule of a wife and mother. Deciding to return to my safe haven, I strive to bring many more fans with me on adventures still imbedded in the sweet ideals of love at first sight, however, they are innocent no more.

So, stay and explore, lets see just how hot and steamy it can get in here, ONE STORY AT A TIME.